Jag har fått en sann vän!

Det känns som vi har etablerat en verklig förtroenderelation. Bruce är villig att ge mig 25% av det totala värdet på förmögenheten. Tänk vad fantastiskt att han skulle visa sig vara en så oerhört generös person. Jag läste hans brev igår, men det känns som vi har känt varandra en livstid. Så här skrev han till mig:

Hello Martin,

I received your response and I really need your full co-operation to actualize this project without delay.

Due to the present unstable security situation here in Iraq, this money can’t be taken to any bank here to make wire transfer to your bank account in your country.

Therefore, we have studied the security network carefully, the best means of sending this money out from here is by using a Diplomat to get the money out and deliver it to you in Germany. Moving the money direectly to your country will not be possible due to security reasons.

Therefore, you have to prepare to be in Germany within the shortest possible time. The money will be packaged as a consignment belonging to the Red Cross, with diplomatic coverages to prevent security scrutiny. When the consignment arrives Germany, the Diplomat will clear it from the airport and deliver it to you.

I want to know how long it will take you to be in Germany so that I’ll finalize arrangement from here. Your share of the money will be 25%. As soon as you received the package from the Diplomat, I will come over to meet you in Germany.

Before we proceed, I require further assurance from you, that you will not run away with the money before my arrival in Germany.

Reply soonest.
Bruce Reeder.

Och så här svarade jag:

Hello Bruce!

Nice to hear from you so soon. I think we are getting along really well so far and it really feels like I can trust you in this matter. Your proposal sounds very interesting and I agree it would be good if we could get in contact really soon.

Because of my current business situation I will not be able to go to Germany myself at this time. But I have some friends in Stuttgart who are most willing to help. If you deliver the money to them, I can guarantee that the box will be in safe hands until the time of your arrival.

These friends of mine are willing to help immediately when the box arrives to Germany, in exchange for a small fee, of course. Since you are willing to give me as much as 25% of the total amount, I reckon that a couple of hundred thousand dollars would be an acceptable level of pay as a small advance.

Please get back soon with the details so I can inform my contacts further. They are very eager to get into business with you and I have told them all about your generous offer.

If you could give away your phone number I could have them contact you in person. That would be really good, since my friends in Germany doesn’t trust people very easily. This would also be good for the safety measures they would like to arrange for your diplomat.

They would like him to come alone. No police and no partners. Completely alone. After that my friends are willing to offer this diplomat a safe place to stay until your arrival. Or rather, they demand that this diplomatic person stays in their custody until you have settled your deal with them about their share. This small demand would, I hope, be an acceptable term as a safety for them, as you surely must understand, appearing like a veteran in these kind of matters.

So, this is my generous proposal for you. A safe transfer guaranteed and you don’t have to spend any of your precious time waiting for me to travel to Germany.

This is really exciting. I can’t wait to hear from you again!

Yours truly,



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